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29 June 2008 @ 05:42 pm
Welcome to The Great Laptop Ditch, Summer 2008 Edition.

The purpose of this community is to promote the cutting of the tether between us hapless slaves and our electronic masters. Of course, I'm talking about our laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, TiVO, etc... The list goes on.

This is mainly prompted by mine and Jag's lamentation of the back-log of books we have to read. That's when I realized that, in all seriousness, I spent more time on my laptop, or watching DVDs and playing video games, then I did with my literary companions. I have gotten out of the lovingly cultivated habit of reading, which began to wane after I gained the ability to drive a car, thus rendering the need of Public Transit obsolete. I? Did most of my reading to and from places on the bus.

So. This community, in all its glorious irony, has been created for those of you who, like me, wish to do more with their summer than simply waste it in the basement with your electronic toys.

When you join, just post using the helpful guide found in the userinfo, and tell us what your mini-project of the summer is, and then follow up with us once you have completed said project.

Yes, I said mini-project. If you have a grander project in mind, then the individual steps to accomplish the whole shall be your mini-projects. Mini-projects could be as simple as "read (insert book here)" or "spend my next afternoon off sewing a teddy bear outside on the deck." It can be as ambitious as "walk the 10K to the beach and back", or as lazy as "enjoy quiet time on my porch every night this week."

Whatever it is, it should make you feel accomplished and it should make you wonder why you ever wasted so much time on your laptop, or watching TV and playing games.

So, here's to the intrepid souls who are willing to give this a go! May we get the most out of this summer, rain or shine, and reconnect with things we may have lost touch with in the shuffle of technological advancement.

Current Mood: determined